Welcome to the “culture war.” The name of our site, “Christian Cross Fire,” is a play on words: “crossfire,” an analogy to being in a tight spot in a battle, under fire from multiple sources, vs. “cross & fire,” representing belief in the saving Cross of Christ with the “Fire” (grace) of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, which we see as together forming the solution for all this world’s needs.

We are active members of the Catholic Church. We know politics and religion don’t often make for polite conversation, because people have strongly held opinions and argument can become divisive. However, we feel we cannot keep silent any longer given the present state of the world, which is so very much  in need of the Grace of God.

We suggest that perhaps some of the many present divisions in our world are created by, or their depth magnified by, the tendency of many people to gloss over or deny differences through an excessive, irrational practice of politically correct behavior. Our idea for this blog website is to face problems head-on with lively debate.

We choose not to ignore political realities, nor to downplay the real world implications of religious beliefs, and we CERTAINLY won’t attempt a separation of the two. Isolating one’s beliefs from one’s actions in regard to others, whether in the private or public forum, is really just trying to split one’s loyalties, ultimately living with a divided heart. Our root conviction is that faith and politics go together in a heart that is truly dedicated to seeking good and avoiding evil, and that all of these should be everyday topics of conversation. A person’s most deeply held beliefs are properly part of his or her contribution to the common good.

Ours is a peaceful endeavor. The analogies to battle and warfare are just comparisons. We welcome all men and women of good will to join us, stand up for Jesus and traditional Gospel morality … and step into the public crossfire.