Resources and Aids for the Study, Understanding, and Use of the Bible

The links below draw their information from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and secular sources. There are fundamental differences between these sources over the nature of the Scriptures, and hence their interpretation. All of these links are presented here because they offer some valuable contribution to the online study of the Scriptures, but one should be circumspect in the use of non-Catholic materials and methodologies. It is well worth spending time reading Vatican II and post Vatican II Church Documents on the nature and interpretation of the Scriptures, also accessible through the links below.

Bible Passage Searches

Word or Passage Search by the Bible Gateway

Smart Bible Search

Bible Texts
Guide to Choosing a Translation
The Text of the New American Bible
Parallel Gospel Texts

Topical Indices
Biblical Theology Index (Offers a wide variety of resources,
and even commentary on individual books of the Bible.)
e-Catena: Compiled Allusions to the NT in the Ante-Nicene Fathers
Scriptural Evidence for Certain Catholic Beliefs (A great resource for
finding scripture verses relating to a topic,
but beware of proof-texting: look up the verses yourself.)
Topical Scripture Index

Bible Resource Center (Dictionaries, Glossaries, Timelines, etc.)
Biblical Studies on the Web: Online Bible Journals
New Testament Gateway

Related Topics
Archeological Texts of the NT and their Dating
Arguments Against Sola Scriptura
Bible History
Historical Witness for Tradition and not Sola Scriptura
Scripture and Tradition
The Scriptures Include the Deuterocanonical Books (Patristic Quotations)

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